Tuesday 20 November, 14:10 – 15:20

2.1 - The role of colleges in stable, high quality apprenticeships delivery – an Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education perspective

Association of Colleges and Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education

Location: Hall 8b

This session is delivered jointly between the Association of Colleges and Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education and considers the on-going and developing role of colleges in apprenticeship delivery. It will consider the relationship between apprenticeships and T levels, apprenticeships and progression and the delivery of apprenticeships themselves


  • Teresa Frith, Senior Apprenticeships and Skills Policy Manager - Association of Colleges

  • Alex Morris, Head of Quality - Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education

2.2 - Preparing to be a T Level Provider 2021

Association of Colleges and Department for Education

Location: Hall 11a

Come and find out from Department for Education and a 2020 college leader about preparing for the delivery of T Levels in 2021 and beyond.

  • The opportunity to discuss critical success factors with the Department for Education

  • Hear from a 2020 provider college about their experience

  • The opportunity to find out more about being a T Level provider in 2021


  • Catherine Sezen, Senior Policy Manager - Association of Colleges

  • Sue Clarke, Technical Qualifcations - Department for Education

  • Morag Davis, Assistant Principal - Nelson and Colne College

  • Lee Hunt, Director of Curriculum - Havant and South Downs College

2.3 - Ofsted/ AoC 2019 CIF Workshop (AoC members only)

Association of Colleges and Ofsted

Location: Hall 5

This workshop will explore the strengths and weaknesses of the current common inspection framework and discuss the emerging thinking around the 2019 common inspection framework. This session will be facilitated by Paul Joyce (Ofsted) and David Corke (AoC).


  • David Corke, Director of Education and Skills - Policy, Curriculum and Funding - Association of Colleges    

  • Paul Joyce, Her Majesty's Inspectors and Deputy Director for Further Education and Skills - Ofsted 

2.4 - Student voice: students as key partners in shaping colleges and bringing about change

Association of Colleges and Portsmouth College

Location: Hall 7a

AoC President, Steve Frampton, has made Student Voice one of his key priorities for the year.

This session will be an opportunity to hear how involving and listening to students can transform and improve the college experience.

A panel of young people will provide some case studies and offer practical suggestions for developing student voice in your college.


  • Emily Chapman, Vice President for Further Education - National Union of Students  

  • Tony Payne, FE Customer Partner, TOTUM and UnionCloud at OneVoice Digital

  • Lauren O'Sullivan, Football Development Manager - AoC Sport

  • Hayden Taylor, Co-founder and Managing Director - Unloc

2.5 - Everything you want to know about college funding

Association of Colleges and Education and Skills Funding Agency

Location: Hall 9

This year, the ever-popular AoC conference funding session will include updates from Kirsty Evans and Abbie Lloyd, Education and Skills Funding Agency and Kirsti Lord, Association of Colleges. The session will cover current and future funding issues in 16 to 18 education, apprenticeships and adult education skills devolution with plenty of opportunities to ask questions.


  • Kirsty Evans, Deputy Director, Adult Funding - Education and Skills Funding Agency

  • Abbie Lloyd, Deputy Director, Apprenticeship Funding - Education and Skills Funding Agency          

  • Kirsti Lord, AoC Deputy Chief Executive - Association of Colleges

2.6 - Office for students and the new regulatory framework: what does it mean for FE colleges?

Association of Colleges and Office for Students

Location: Hall 7b

The Office for Students (OfS) is the new regulator of Higher Education in England. It was set by the Higher Education and Research Act 2017 and requires providers to register with the OfS if they wish to access certain benefits of registration. The OfS published the new regulatory framework that will be fully implemented in 2019/20. Attendees will hear from the OfS and this session will discuss what will this implementation mean for FE colleges. As most colleges are registering with the OfS, attendees will find this session engaging and informative.


  • Jack Smith, Senior Higher Education Policy Adviser, Competition and Registration - Office for Students

  • Arti Saraswat, Senior Policy Manager, Higher Education, Policy, Curriculum and Funding - Association of Colleges

2.7 - Centralising data - the key to consistency across merged colleges


Location: Executive room 1

In order to best serve the educational needs of local communities, Stockport College filed for and were granted funds for restructuring. In early 2018, they joined forces with Trafford College to form The Trafford College Group. The newly merged organisation has created a significant educational provider in South Manchester, providing access to high quality further education to over 14,000 students. Jacob Kemp speaks with James Scott, Principal of Stockport College and Mike Dillon, Director of MIS, to discuss how Trafford College excelled in data management and reporting and how they are planning to use this experience to help transform Stockport College and make the new College Group a success.


  • Jacob Kemp, Business Development Manager, Dynistics

  • James Scott, Vice Principal - Curriculum and Quality - Trafford College Group

  • Mike Dillon, Director of MIS - Trafford College Group

2.8 - Helena Kennedy Foundation 20th Anniversary Report: Learning Worked

Helena Kennedy Foundation

Location: Executive room 7

The Helena Kennedy Foundation (HKF) positions the Further Education (FE) sector as a vital force in transforming lives and communities in 21st Century Britain. This presentation will illustrate the impact on bursary recipients, their teachers, trustees and funding partners, along with linking the distinctness of HKF to the impact it has on individuals, society and the economy, and strongly drawing out the role of HKF in shaping the trajectories of the recipients and their families. The participants in this workshop will explore the enabling and disenabling factors related to trajectories from Further Education to Higher Education. In addition, drawing on the Learning Worked Report, there will be opportunities to probe the case studies and establish meaningful strategies to support students on their journeys. It is hoped that the shared dialogue will be assimilated into socially just approaches and the conversation will continue post the conference.


  • Dr Vicky Duckworth, Professor of Education - Edge Hill University

  • Dr Rob Smith, Reader in Education - Birmingham City University

2.9 - Building a career pipeline to Principal/CEO role – a talent management system for the college sector

Education and Training Foundation

Location: Executive room 2

The ETF’s DfE-funded senior leadership programmes are aimed at supporting the leaders of both today and tomorrow. This includes building a senior talent management pipeline throughout a college.

 This workshop will provide an opportunity to hear:

  • About the structure of the preparing Principal/CEO role leadership programme

  • The experiences of Saïd Business School, University of Oxford and colleagues who have attended the first modules

  • How all of the leadership programmes are developing senior talent within a college


  • Sir Frank McLoughlin CBE, Associate Director of Leadership - Education and Training Foundation

  • Roger Wyn-Jones, Leadership Development Specialist - Oxford Saïd Business School

  • Chris Webb, Principal and Chief Executive - Barnsley College

  • Shelagh Legrave, Chief Executive - Chichester College Group

  • John Rees, Principal and Chief Excutive - Calderdale College

  • Janet Stephens, Deputy Principal - Telford College

2.10 - Digital futures in FE

Weston College, Preston’s College and Basingstoke College of Technology

Location: Hall 8a

Participants will hear from three colleges who are leaders in their field.

The session includes a case study from Weston College providing insights into their work using new technologies in teaching English and maths to ESOL students; an insight into the way Preston's College has achieved whole organisational culture change using teaching and learning technologies; and an inspirational case study from BCOT highlighting their work in developing learning technologies.

At the end of the session, workshop participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of the presenters from each of the three colleges and take away ideas for their own organisations.

We are really excited to be able to bring this session to your attention.


  • Jonathan Hofgartner, Assistant Director, Technology and Learning Resources - Weston College         

  • Scott Hayden, Digital Innovation Specialist - Basingstoke College of Technology

  • Alison Humphreys, Head of Quality - Preston’s College

  • Lis Smith, Principal and Chief Executive - Preston's College            

  • Frank McHale, LOTC Development Coordinator - Preston's College

  • Dr Anne Murdoch OBE, PPC General Secretary - PPC/ASCL

2.11 - Seeing it coming – governance and legal risk

Irwin Mitchell

Location: Hall 10b

A highly topical session given the climate of uncertainty, in the run-up to Brexit and the introduction of the insolvency regime. The session will be led by Laurence Gavin, Partner, Irwin Mitchell LLP and will include:

  • The obligations of governors and leaders to manage risk

  • Descriptions and examples of the impact of different risks (e.g. real estate; banking)

  • A short risk management exercise, intended to explore when and how governors should be involved

  • A real life example of successful risk management with governor input


  • Laurence Gavin, Partner – Irwin Mitchell

  • Andrew Cropley, Principal and Chief Executive Officer - Craven College

2.12 - Youth social action: delivering the National Citizen Service programme in colleges

National Citizen Service (NCS) Trust

Location: Hall 6b

Come and find out about how embedding youth social action through the NCS and Duke of Edinburgh programmes can impact on student motivation, engagement and key employability skills such as team work and communication. This session will use case studies from across the sector to demonstrate how the programmes help colleges further embed themselves as agents of positive social change within the student body and their local communities.


  • Dan Baxter, College Engagement Manage - National Citizen Service     

  • David Ruddy, Executive Director of Adult Education and Community Learning - West Suffolk College       

  • Henry Bryan, Training and Assessment Facilitator and Duke of Edinburgh Manager - Sheffield College

2.13 - Can governors really influence teaching, learning and assessment?

Northern College and The Sheffield College

Location: Hall 10a

The Association of Colleges governance code asserts that "the board must foster exceptional teaching and learning", but governors' influence over teaching and learning can, in practice, be limited. This workshop will draw on delegates' experience to explore the barriers to and enablers for governors being more active in ensuring improvements. In proposing solutions, we will use case studies to suggest that moving to "active governing" from "governance" has the potential to help governors contribute fully to improving teaching and learning.


  • Seb Schmoller, Chair of the Governing Body - The Sheffield College       

  • Beri Hare OBE, Vice Chair - The Sheffield College

  • Jill Westerman CBE, recently retired principal - Northern College 

  • Colin Forrest, Governor - Northern College and Shipley College

2.14 - Driving a culture of exceptional customer experience in FE

CMXperience LTD

Location: Hall 11b

Organisations need to adapt the approach they take in order to meet the changing demands from their customers, react to the technological advances and drive change within their businesses. This session will be led by one of the world's leading experts in customer experience management and will discuss what colleges can do to drive a culture of exceptional customer experience.


  • Clare Muscutt, Founder and Director - CMXperience LTD and Former Head of Customer Experience – Sainsburys

2.15 - Digital transformation within Further Education


Location: Hall 6a

Microsoft has annouced its educational framework which we are promoting as a guide to help educational institution digitally transform. We are looking to present on focus areas from Microsoft within Education and have with us a College who has a well thought out digital transformation strategy, implementing Microsoft technologies and the benefits they are seeing from embarking on this journey. It will cover top-of-mind areas within Microsoft and a customer case study.


  • Chris Rothwell, Director of Education - Microsoft     

  • Anthony Martin, Innovation Officer - Exeter College