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Breakout sessions - Strand 2

Tuesday 20 November

14:10 – 15:20

2.1 - The role of colleges in stable, high quality apprenticeships delivery – an Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education perspective

Association of Colleges and Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education

2.2 - Preparing to be a T Level Provider 2021

Association of Colleges and Department for Education

2.5 - Everything you want to know about college funding

Association of Colleges and Education and Skills Funding Agency

2.9 - Building a career pipeline to Principal/CEO role – a talent management system for the college sector

Education and Training Foundation

2.10 - Digital futures in FE- Weston College & Preston’s College

Weston College, Preston’s College and Basingstoke College of Technology

2.12 - Youth social action: delivering the National Citizen Service programme in colleges

National Citizen Service (NCS) Trust

2.13 - Can governors really influence teaching, learning and assessment?

Northern College and The Sheffield College

2.15 - Digital transformation within Further Education


Breakout sessions - Strand 3

Wednesday 21 November

14:50 – 15:55

3.1 - Learning together: enabling peer to peer college improvement

Oldham College and Dudley College of Technology

3.2 - Ofsted and Apprenticeships

Association of Colleges and Ofsted

3.3 - Towards outstanding teaching, learning and assessment in technical education

Association of Colleges and Education and Training Foundation

3.6 - College insolvency and how to avoid it

Association of Colleges and Department for Education

3.7 - Implementing industry placements

Association of Colleges and Department for Education

3.11 - Getting to grips with the careers strategy in colleges: what works in practice and models of career leadership

The Careers and Enterprise Company

3.12 - Beyond employer engagement in East London

UCL Institute of Education, Centre for Post-14 Education and Work

3.13 - How to engage reluctant students in maths

Maths Inspiration

3.15 - How to address the gender imbalance in Early Years Education


Funding forum

Julian Gravatt, Deputy Chief Executive, Association of Colleges

Funding Forum

Wednesday 21 November

08:00 - 08:45

Hot Topic discussions

Wednesday 21 november

11:00 - 12:00

Hot Topic 8 - Systems vs Markets: Scripting the future?


  • Professor Ewart Keep, Director, Department of Education, Oxford University

  • Jill Westerman, Vice Chair of FETL

  • Richard Caulfield, Area Director, North West Region, Association of Colleges

  • Kirsti Lord, Deputy Chief Executive (Member Services), Association of Colleges